School Closure Resources update

All Music and Music Technology pupils have been assigned to a Microsoft Team as we continue to support learning from home during the school closure.

Senior pupils have been set up with a OneNote Class Notebook to allow them to fully engage with the requirements of their courses.

For all pupils, S2-S6, regular tasks are issued via the General Channel of the Teams.

A Questions and Queries Channel has been set up to allow pupils to interact with their teachers, ask about tasks and for music-lesson/home-learning related questions. Teachers will endeavour to reply to all messages between 9.00am and 4.30pm Monday-Thursday and 9.00am-2.00pm on Fridays. Please remember that everyone in the team can see your messages.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Well done EA musicians! Here are a selection of the performances recorded by some of our talented young people…

Chloe and Aidan Storey singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow this evening – Well done to you both!

There is still time to join in, perform your part at 8.00pm tonight at your front door!


Hello and happy Monday! We hope you and your families are all well and keeping safe. Thank you to those who submitted their Top 10 assignments. There were some great songs and reasons in there.

Here is your next Music distance learning task.

Work through the slides on the PowerPoint attached. Make sure you –

  • read the information carefully on each slide 
  • listen to the musical excerpts/follow links to music examples
  • answer the questions on slide number 12 and complete the listening log on slide number 18
  • upload your answers and listening logs by Friday, 1st May

This work is particularly important in keeping up your Understanding Music skills and knowledge and especially for those of you who have chosen Music in S4.

S1 and S2

Work your way through the Instruments of the Orchestra PowerPoint and complete the task. Make sure you use the Success Criteria as your check list before submitting your work.

Hand in date is Friday 1st May 2020 via Show My Homework