BGE (S1-S3)

All S2 & 3 pupils have been assigned to a Microsoft Team as we continue to support learning from home during the school closure.

In your new Music Team you currently have 2 main Channels:

The General Channel is where your teachers can post messages, information and assignments for you.

The Questions and Queries Channel is the area where you can post messages to ask your teachers about your tasks and ask any music-lesson related questions. Teachers will aim to reply to all messages between 9.00am and 4.30pm Monday-Thursday and 9.00am-2.00pm on Fridays. Please remember that everyone in the team can see your messages.

We would like you all to say ‘HI‘ to us in your Questions and Queries Channel – let us know you are safe and well!

You have all been assigned a starter task, Top 10 Feel Good Playlist, to help you learn how to use the Assignment function in your new Team. Your first assignment has been posted in the General Channel. Please send us a message in the Questions and Queries Channel if you have any problems accessing or submitting the Assignment.

Hand in date for your Top 10 Feel Good Playlist is Friday 5th June 2020 via Assignments.