N5 School Closure Resources

All National 4-5 Music pupils have been assigned to a Music Team as we continue to support learning from home during the school closure.

Pupils have been set up with a OneNote Class Notebook to allow them to fully engage with the requirements of the National 4-5 Music course.

Regular tasks are issued via the General Channel of the N4-5 Music Team and pupils are expected to maintain ongoing weekly records in both Performing Skills and Composing Skills within the relevant sections of their Online Music Notebook.

A Questions and Queries Channel has been set up to allow pupils to interact with their teachers, ask about tasks and for music-lesson/home-learning related questions. Teachers will aim to reply to all messages between 9.00am and 4.30pm Monday-Thursday and 9.00am-2.00pm on Fridays. Please remember that everyone in the team can see your messages.

The Files area within the Team contains documents to support your learning as well as a range of appropriate Performing Skills repertoire.